Circle of Men Companionship Program

Meetings weekly to support and nurture men living in aged care.


A weekly companionship program where dedicated trained volunteers gather in groups to support and nurture men living in nursing homes. Circle Of Men is just that, a 10 Step Circle Process where men of all ages come together to share their songs and stories, their joys and sorrows, their hopes and fears, their similarities and their differences.


It’s life sustaining for all concerned. It is also a powerful practice that greatly restores and rejuvenates our elders who all too often find themselves alone, isolated and unloved at this most vulnerable stage of life. 


“We are with you, someone to turn to, for the rest of your life”

That is the promise and privilege of being part of Circle of Men companionship program.

Circle Of Men Members
Circle of Men is a circle of trust.

Our volunteers develop skills to firstly care for themselves and each other before offering help to others. Aside from having a great deal of fun they learn to trust and depend upon one another creating a deeper sense of purpose and direction in their own lives.

The Circle of Men has both men and women providing leadership, direction and hands on help. It has no religious or political affiliation.

Someone to turn to. Be that someone.